All too many promotional campaigns begin without a marketing strategy or indeed any proper understanding of how communications can best support  commercial objectives.

Our simple but robust Strategy + Insight audits are designed to evaluate an organisation and its marketing communications needs from four key perspectives: client; customer; context; and community.

Leader Strategy and Insight

Through a collaborative process of primary and secondary research, we use this model to assess current positioning and marketing performance within the context of customer insight, competitor activity and broader industry and market dynamics.

The result is a research, planning and insight service which turn high-level business objectives into achievable marketing strategy.

Our marketing Strategy + Insight service includes:

Perception audit


Primary research on what your key audiences know about your business and how it is perceived.

Business analysis

A combination of primary and secondary research to identify the strengths and opportunities for the business in commercial terms.

Competitor assessment

Preliminary audits of key competition, focused on competitive marketing performance.

Influencer matrix

Who are the key influencers on your customers and the dynamics of engagement.

Creative review

Assessment of current design and creative marketing elements.

Audiences and influencers

Persona definition informed by commercial planning and buying cycles.

Pains/issues analysis

The leading issues facing key customer groups that the business can address.


Proposal for marketing-led revisions to market and product segmentation.

Resource planning

An overview of skill sets and experience required to deliver the strategy

Marketing opportunities

How marketing could better improve existing business operations, including identification of what internal and external resources are required

Strategy development

Programmes of key brand, marketing and communications recommendations tailored to meet a business’ commercial objectives.


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