In a major new research study, Leader aims to highlight revealing insights into the manufacturing and engineering sector in the West Midlands.

The aim is to illuminate the most-pressing concerns for manufacturing and engineering company boards in our region, while also supporting collective action to help drive individual business growth.

Why research manufacturing and engineering companies?

There can be little dispute that the news agenda is currently preoccupied by uncertainty in global markets and by Britain’s future trading arrangements with the EU, but Leader’s team is keen to understand if these are the most pressing issues currently taking up most boardroom time for manufacturing company bosses.  The concern is that while political negotiations and discussions continue to fill air-time, other issues such as a lack of engineering skillset in the workforce, or employment and environmental regulations, appear to be getting forgotten.

The results of the research will be published in a report later this year.

More than 100 local business have been contacted to ask if they will contribute to the study, and so far the response has been extremely positive.

The team aims to follow-up the research with further detailed discussions with directors to explore the most common concerns and identify ways forward.  These findings will also feature as a key part within the final report which will be circulated to everyone who takes part, while key conclusions will be shared with media outlets and disseminated through blogs to help drive action etc.

Leader’s work in the sector

Leader’s position as a long-standing strategic marketing consultancy, serving the manufacturing and engineering sector in the Midlands, means we regularly work at board level with companies of all sizes, from SMEs to global-leading businesses.

We are well placed to respond to concerns expressed within the sector, with client operations extending widely across areas such as: machine tooling, plastic injection moulding, industrial weighing, precision pressing, roto-moulding, IT cabinets, hydraulic cylinders, sensor technology, design engineering, switchgear, conveyors and industrial fastenings.

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If you are interested in taking part in the study, or receiving a personal copy of the report, please email