LEAD: the Debate

Why us? The role of company culture in brand communication

Finding your own unique space in a congested ‘me-too’ market can be hard. Far from being a ‘soft’ factor, company culture can be a great place to start exploring – or building – what stands your business apart from the crowd.

Automatic for the people? Why even the best marketing automation still benefits from the human touch

Is marketing automation really the ‘magic bullet’ solution to your every marketing need? And why, if automation is so effective, does Leader continue to place such a strong emphasis on human management and intervention?

Yes you can! Rising to the challenges of industrial and B2B content marketing

Creating engaging articles, graphics and other marketing content for apparently unexciting B2B & industrial products might seem an impossible task. But engaging B2B content marketing can (and almost certainly should) be done!

Leading from the front: director-led marketing and why it matters

Leader’s director-led philosophy means that the senior team you meet at the pitch is the senior team you will work with to deliver your programme. This is why we think that matters.

He’s alive! The benefits of buyer personas in B2B marketing

Buyer personas have long been popular with consumer, and especially retail, marketers. Modern in-bound and content marketing approaches mean they are increasingly being considered a mainstay of B2B campaigns as well.

Black box branding – harnessing the power of marginal gains for great design

Black box branding highlights the value of failure, review and incremental improvement – and how this can improve your brand design work

How well do you know your customers?

What do you need to do to become more customer-centric? Data from digital channels can enable you to build a detailed picture of just who your priority customers are.

Keep it human ¦ Real Influencer Marketing

As marketers we can too often fixate on influencer marketing as if individual customers no longer matter.

Marketing services from Leader: an overview

When Cranfield Business School came to film at Leader, Director Marc Sanderson took time out to discuss our strategic approach, integrated service proposition, and why clients choose to work – and stay – with us.

Leader appoints new director

We are delighted to welcome Alister Foye to Leader. Alister joins our team of Communication Directors, taking responsibility for key client accounts as well as expanding our portfolio of integrated communications activity.

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