Royal College of Organists

by | May 17, 2018 |

Leading Lines: pulling out all the stops for this professional body and music charity

Our Client

The Royal College of Organists (RCO) is a professional body and charity which has supported and represented organists and choral directors for more than 150 years.

With members in nearly 40 countries around the world, the College works to promote the best in organ playing and choral directing, to encourage anyone who is interested to learn more about this fascinating and versatile musical instrument, and to explore its history and repertoire.

Our Work

Having first been commissioned to carry out a reputation audit, Leader was then asked to produce and implement a communications plan which would help reposition the College in the wake of major organisational change.

Favouring gradual transition over sudden reinvention, we designed a bold new logo to be equally at home alongside the College’s traditional coat of arms as it was on digital and new media platforms. The logo was supported by carefully chosen colours and fonts, creating a visual identify that balanced tradition and modernity.

A comprehensive communications plan was developed and launched. Media relations work achieved excellent levels of coverage, with hundreds of articles in major music titles as well broadcast pieces on national radio and newspapers. Social media engagement grew quickly, with our strategies helping the College establish influential presences on both Facebook and Twitter.

The RCO website has been redesigned and considerably expanded, and now supports a huge range of marketing and operational activities. As the point of access for a wide range of services it allows people to book examinations or buy past papers, to download academic resources or material of interest, to access the College’s library catalogue or to find (or become) an RCO organ teacher.


Building on the success of its 150th anniversary celebrations in 2014, the RCO launched a new strategic plan.

Leader supported this initiative with a major market research project, and in 2016 we led the launch of iRCO, a sophisticated online learning environment which delivers a wide range of online services and resources for College members.

Today we support every aspect of marketing and communication activity. Individual projects over the last two years have included a major legacy fundraising campaign, the design and commissioning of a bespoke CRM system, and the launches of a string of new member service initiatives.

The value we place on our longstanding relationship with Leader would be hard to overstate. The Leader team understands our vision and objectives, and has always delivered across all aspects of the marketing mix to the very highest standard. The quality of Leader’s work is evident in the way the College is branded and presented, in the high standard of its marketing communications and promotional activities, and in the presentation of its ever-wider service proposition. I have no hesitation in recommending Leader.

Philip Meaden

Director, RCO