Good leadership is vital

Leader’s MD James Holden recently attended a round-table discussion hosted by the IoD and the Birmingham Post. The discussion focused around the importance of leadership for small and medium sized businesses to achieving growth. From the article in the Post this week it sounded like a vibrant discussion so I wanted to share a few of the quotes with our loyal blog readers….

Birmingham Post

Tom Collett from Hugo Technology Ltd said: It is all about working with your employees and communicating with your employees – making them feel they are part of the team – and they will grow with you. Also get them to trust in you and realise that you are making the right decisions for them.

Our very own James Holden said: Leaders I have worked with are very committed to their organisation and when you have difficult times leaders need to be able to stick to a plan and take their organisations forward. Of the two most impressive leaders I have worked with one was more charismatic than the other but both were charismatic in their own way on a one to one basis, because you believed in them.

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