Fusion PR

Fusion PR is as much about traditional techniques as it is digital activity. Sometimes we can forget this when exciting tools and channels are developed, but some of the tried and tested techniques still deliver fantastic results.

Take for instance our bespoke jewellery client Rubinstein Keightley. Digital and online activity is vital to their ongoing development but so is traditional media coverage. The fashion sector is an interesting one – it embraces new technology but still attracts a huge traditional media interests (glossies, sleb mags, etc…) .

We are working with RK on their digital personality (both in terms of social media and SEO) but some of the biggest achievements have been using traditional tools such as event sponsorship (we sponsored a Polo Championship recently) and most current is the high value diamond competition in the much-read Leamington Courier series.


So the reality is, and always has been, that a fusion of PR strategies and tactics is the most effective. To find out more about Fusion PR at Leader check out our website – www.leader.co.uk.