Pictures at an Exhibition….

It’s very common to hear the following from company bosses, “I can’t blog because I don’t have time.  And I don’t have anything to say.”

Hmmm.  Well, we can’t do much about the first thing – but we can offer suggestions about the second. 

Because blogging is very important now for both SEO and lead generation; some research I read recently suggested that nearly one third of businesses regard it as business critical.

Much of what is available on the net is shared because it is free.  Or offers better value than, say, on the High Street.   For B2C companies, that means product giveaways or competitions.  If you are a B2B company, you have something equally valuable to giveaway: expertise.  So, providing regularl advice, information, market intelligence etc delivers both compelling content and underlines your own brand proposition (authoritative, credible, market leadership etc).

Remember blogs don’t have to be long, but if you’re looking to generate followers, the best advice at the moment is that you should blog at least once or twice a week; and they can be picture/link-led.  If the main reason for blogging is SEO, then the content that is more important than frequency.

Here are a few suggestions…

  • One thing you have discovered that week (or two, or three…)
  • Customer feedback – and how you have addressed it (keeping the customer anonymous)
  • Feedback about your products (try not to make the blog too self-congratulatory though.  Feedback should be informative for readers e.g. why is it working well)
  • Best idea(s) you’ve gleaned from seminars
  • Information from conversations/feedback you have been having with Sales Directors (ie. their experiences with customers)
  • Information from TV, in newspapers, magazines/blogs/forums or websites – do you agree/disagree or can you offer advice
  • New regulation/updates
  • News on product updates
  • Pictures from exhibitions
  • Team news and pictures – a who’s who of sales teams
  • Key presentations
  • Case studies
  • My Top 5….(whatever it might be)
  • Market developments and trends
  • Market statistics

You can probably think of dozens more, so go on – get out there and get published!

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