How are you seeing the internet?

IE6 the countdown is on

IE6 the countdown is on

As Microsoft begins the long process of rolling out Internet Explorer 9, it is worth remembering that if your internet experience isn’t all that it should be, an out-of-date browser might be to blame.

Despite Microsoft themselves urging the world’s internet users to abandon ie6, it is amazing fact that more than 10% of world internet users (2.9% of UK users) are still using a browser which is more than 10 years old, unstable, famously unsecure and incapable of properly viewing many modern interactive websites.

Microsoft is running an ie6 countdown website to monitor the demise of ie6 – currently it stands at 11.4% and their target is 1%. If you’re still using ie6 and you are in a position to upgrade, now might be the time to take the leap – ie9, Firefox or Chrome will all help transform your online experience and help make your time in cyberspace a more enjoyable as well as productive one.

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