June 10 – The Race is to The Swift

English: Common Swift (Apus apus) in flight

English: Common Swift (Apus apus) in flight, thanks to Paweł Kuźniar for this great image.

The swifts are back at last; I’ve seen them in almost every town I’ve been to in the last week or so. Last Friday I saw them wheeling high in the perfect blue sky above Jephson Gardens in Leamington Spa. The day before I saw a convoy of them zooming past the East Gate in Warwick.

They’re great birds – fast, aerial, powerful and full of joie de vivre. For much of the time they’re just dark specks high above and indeed a swift that fledges this summer probably won’t touch the ground again until 2013!

It’s really great though when you see a small group low down, particularly as they usually scream as they come past. For all the world they’re an avian equivalent of a Formula 1 Grand Prix – who needs to go to Monaco?

I think the arrival of the swifts is just great. With the election out of the way and a new coalition government in power, let’s hope we can start getting a bit more pace into our business lives. Sure, it’s not going to be easy and maybe things won’t be grounded until 2013 but we’re certainly seeing an increase in business and enquiries. So far these hard times have been all about survival – let’s hope they start being about progression, about action and about opportunity.

James Holden
Managing Director