Jan 10 – Fortune Favours the Brave

Redwings – welcome winter visitors from Scandanavia

Redwings – welcome winter visitors from Scandanavia

I’m a bit late for this month’s hmm – I could say it’s because of the bad weather, or the time of year, but the truth is I’ve run out of inspiration for hummingbird stories for the time being. I shall have to find an excuse to go out to the Americas again very soon – right now Peru or Panama sound like great places to be.

That said I’ve just had a natural experience closer to home that said something to me. As soon as the mercury dropped I noticed that the berries had suddenly started to disappear from a prickly bush outside my front door. They’ve been looking bright red and beautiful ever since the autumn and there were so many of them that they were beginning to pull the plant away from its wall supports.

And suddenly, mysteriously they’re going. There were one or two tell tale signs of crushed or partially digested berries on the path but I had no idea what was going on until this morning. I woke up early to hear some strange calls outside the front door and nipped into the kitchen to find my shrub alive with handsome hungry thrushes. To be precise they were redwings – welcome winter visitors from Scandanavia and they were popping berries like addicts pop pills.

Somehow their hunger prompts thoughts of how things are for many businesses right now. Many of us are doing fine but we’re having to look for new sources of revenue – new ways of growing and developing. My winter thrushes are normally shy, retiring creatures that stay far away from people. Necessity though has made them brave and bold. In tough times businesses need to be brave and bold too particularly when the time has come to find new sources of revenue rather than just sit tight and control costs.

James Holden
Managing Director