Dec 09 – Trinidadian Hummingbird Spa

White-chested emerald (Amazalia brevirostris) thanks to corbeau_du_nord for the image.

White-chested emerald (Amazalia brevirostris)

With Christmas just around the corner (only 24 days to go) and the weather suitably wintery at last (I’ve just seen pictures of the County ground at Worcester frozen like an ice rink) my thoughts can’t help wandering to warmer times and places.

The Asa Wright centre in Trinidad is my vision of Eden and right now I can picture the lush green valley sweeping down from the wooden verandah where I spent so many happy hours watching a host of humming birds. They were always busy and active except when we got an occasional downpour.

Downpours in Trinidad in June are violent affairs. If you get caught out in one of them you really do feel as if you’ve been lashed. Fortunately, they seldom last for more than 20 minutes and the sun’s so hot afterwards you dry out quickly.

Instead of hiding from the storms White-chested Emerald hummingbirds liked to treat the downpours as though they were a kind of spa treatment. They’d offer themselves up to the lashing rain wings spread and eyes shut. And once the sun came out dry themselves off with a similar sense of joy.

Maybe there’s a message for us in these difficult times. Maybe we should regard tough conditions as a scourging Spa treatment that helps to prepare us for a better time in the sun.

James Holden
Managing Director