Sept 09 – Alert to Possibilities


Volcano Hummingbird (Selasphorus flammula). Thanks to Jerry Oldenettel for this great image

I never actually saw the Volcano Hummingbird when I visited Costa Rica’s amazing Poas Volcano reserve. Poas is one of the most active sites in the Pacific ring of fire and one of very few reliable sites for this amazing hummer.

Our guide Paolo saw him. But I only heard him. He was just a violent buzz as I was looking at some leaf-cuttter ants on the forest floor. To be honest I was startled as I thought some giant hornet was about to set about me. It was a pity but we never came across another one, and the Volcano Hummigbird is really special.

To be honest I’d not been expecting to see much at Poas and that was a big mistake. You’ve always got to be alive to the possibility of something new, something exciting turning up. If you’re not ready you’ll be like the foolish virgins whose lights went out before the bridegroom appeared.

Being alert to reality is so important for any PR business. You may not get a second chance.

James Holden
Managing Director