July 09 – Creative Inspiration

Male Anna's Hummingbird feeding on Calibrachoa flowers.

Male Anna's Hummingbird feeding on Calibrachoa flowers.

The very first Hummingbird I ever came into contact with was on honeymoon in California. It had rained heavily for several days in Santa Barbara, but the day we were destined to return to LA was an absolute beauty for late fall. Clear and fresh with warm sun. We called into a nature reserve at Murro Bay and whilst I was looking out to sea I heard a gentle hum behind me– soft yet vigorous.

It was an Anna’s Hummingbird – a gorgeous male sipping nectar from a group of deep pink flowers in the salt brush. The sun occasionally caused the feathers around his head and neck to flash brilliantly like a giant fiery ruby. It was momentary, fleeting even, but what a work of creative genius this little bird was.

His beauty really took my breath away and that’s something that all great creativity should do. It makes you nod your head and smile and it just stays with you. Creativity is one of our key drivers at Leader – but we haven’t outdone the ruby flash of an Anna’s, at least not yet…

James Holden
Managing Director